SL Composite drum
SKF 205 L

The SL composite drum 205L complements the performance of the tight head steel drum. With inner container made of high molecular weight polyethylene. Chemical resistance and suitable for foodstuffs. The dimensions comply with the international standard DIN EN 15750.

SL Composite drum
SKF 205 L

The SL composite drum 205L combines the high performance of the SL tight head steel drum with the chemical resistance and food suitability of a high quality plastic packaging. The inner container made of high-molecular polyethylene is adapted to the shape of the steel body and complies with the strict specifications of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the European food safety regulations.

To maintain dimensional stability and the highest cleanliness requirements, the inner container is tightly sealed immediately after manufacture and is only folded in after the steel container has been painted. The intermediate space is additionally hermetically sealed with a round seal, made of EPDM.

A ventilation screw connection is optionally available as pressure compensation. The dimensions comply with the international standard DIN EN 15750. Variants in the sheet thicknesses and the mass of the inner container (3.0, 4.5 and 6.0 kg) adapt the SL combi drum to the highest performance requirements. The handling is optimally adapted to filling, transport, storage and removal.

ReUse and recycling capabilities of our packaging follow the high standards of SL’s modern environmental policy.



Filling dimension: Nominal volume: 205 L
Height: 883 +/- 4 mm
Diameter: 585 +0/-3 mm

Technical info:

Made of sheet metal ISO 3574 according to ISO 15750-2.
Body welded, bottoms specially seamed with sealing compound.
Safety lock systems acc. to ISO 15750-3 / plastic
Inner container made of HDPE

UN-Code 6HA1 / un-marking according to VPA 6 (VCI Guideline)
Type-tested for packaging groups I,II and III
UN approval for liquid and solid contents
Vibration tests according to DOT 49 CFR § 178.608
Suitable for hot filling

HACCP, GMP-based production methods
Compliance with EC and FDA food regulations

Environmentally friendly residual emptying according to VPA 4 (VCI guidelines)
REACH-compliant according to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006
Free of heavy metals according to Directive (EC) 94/62
Silicone-free according to industrially recognised guidelines
Resource-saving and recyclable according to EN 13427, 13428, 13430.
Lacquering with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquers

Printing with logo and/or lettering by screen printing

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