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Tight head steel drum SFF 216 L


The SL SFF 216 Tight Head Steel Drum was designed without compromise to meet the highest quality and safety requirements. The dimensions comply with the international standard DIN EN 15750.

Tight head steel drum SSF 235 L


The SL SFF 235 Tight Head Steel Drum transfers today’s market requirements into the optimum packaging size for steel drums by filling the free spaces during transport with additional height. DIN EN 15750.

Open head steel drum CDF 210 L


The SL lidded drum CDF 210L is the logical further development of the SDF 213L, introduced to achieve the optimum loading quantity for transport in ISO sea containers. Standard DIN EN 15750.

Open head steel drum SDF 213 L


The SL lidded drum 213L has been designed without compromise to meet the highest quality and safety requirements. The dimensions comply with the international standard DIN EN 15750.

Composite drum SKF 205 L


The SL composite drum 205L complements the performance of the tight head steel drum. With inner container made of high molecular weight polyethylene. Chemical resistance and suitable for foodstuffs. The dimensions comply with the international standard DIN EN 15750.

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Definition Steel drums



The 55-US gallon steel drum became famous when it was standardised by the American Petroleum Institute during the World War II. This standardisation was adopted in most countries and paved the way for the 216.5-litre drum to become widespread worldwide – with 140 million new drums being produced every year today. That is three times the length of the equator strung together. This also makes it possible to standardise filling, storage and transport systems and reprocessing (reconditioning) globally.

Over the course of time, steel drums have become increasingly lighter and more material-efficient. And this with considerably improved quality and usage properties. Today, a steel drum weighs just about 20 kilos. At the beginning of the 20th century, a 216.5-litre drum with rolling hoops still weighed 60 kilos. The reasons for this lie in improved steels as well as in advanced manufacturing technologies in sheet metal and drum production. SL Packaging has played a key role in the development of steel drums for 75 years.

The drums are produced in accordance with a quality assurance system approved by the competent authority (BAM), in compliance with the dangerous goods regulations (GGR) and in compliance with the construction and testing regulations described in ADR Chapter 6.

1A1 Steel drum with non-removable lid = Tight Head Steel Drum

1A2 Steel drum with removable head /Standard Open Head Steel Drum or container suitable Open Head Steel Drum

6HA1 Drum made of steel and plastic with non-removable lid / Composite Drum

The drums are suitable for solid, pasty and liquid contents (filling goods) of all packaging groups.

The dimensions and equipment of the drums comply with ISO 15750, produced from thin sheet metal in accordance with ISO 3574 with a nominal volume of around 200 litres. The body seams of the drum shells are machine-welded and each is equipped with 2 circumferential rolling hoops. There are also smooth-walled variants in the open head drum area for special applications, for example for the use of round bottom bags or inliners.

The joints between tops and lids are folded by machine. The closures in the top or lid are positioned according to ISO 15750 to ensure automated filling processes. As standard, each with a G 2″ and a G 3/4″ closure in the top bottom. Other variants or positioning are possible. Closure plugs made of steel, galvanised, or lacquered with various drum interior protection lacquers. Other sealing plug variants made of PP or PA (nylon) are possible. The seals of the sealing plugs are made of PE, EPDM, NBR (nitrile), FKM (Viton) or PTFE (Teflon), depending on the intended use. For special applications, aeration and venting devices can be integrated into the closure components, for example for hot filling. The lids of the open head drums are fitted with EPDM seals and securely closed with galvanised steel clamping rings.

To secure the drums and prevent tampering, there are various ways of securing them at their closures with first-owner seals made of sheet metal or plastic, and the clamping rings of open head drums can also be secured with first-owner splints. Depending on the intended use / product to be filled, the drums are either unpainted on the inside (raw sheet metal) or equipped with various drum interior protection paints. The inner containers of the composite drums are made of HDPE (polyethylene) and have PP sealing plugs as standard.

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For more than 100 years, we have been a long-standing and reliable partner of the chemical industry and the mineral oil industry. Our service begins with the selection of the right packaging.