SL Packaging is aware of its responsibility for a clean and safe environment.

We see the responsible treatment of the environment as an absolute necessity. With the introduction of our environmental management system, we also want to make a contribution to the preservation of the natural foundations of life.

For us, the pursuit of economic goals is not in conflict with compliance with ecological principles – precautionary, efficiently operated environmental management represents an essential component for our sustainable corporate success. This environmental policy serves as an INPUT to our environmental goals and thus forms the framework for the definition and evaluation of environmental objectives and targets.

To ensure a high environmental standard and to continuously improve processes, SL Packaging has implemented an environmental management system in accordance with:

DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

This environmental management system serves the systematic and complete recording of environmental aspects and primarily the avoidance of harmful environmental effects. The following ecological principles determine our actions:



Compliance with environmental laws and regulations: In addition to the requirements of this environmental policy, the basis of our corporate actions are the legal and regulatory requirements.

Commitment: Beyond compliance with environmental laws and regulations, we are committed to meeting the needs of all stakeholders in our direct and indirect environment.

Our proactive identification and assessment of potential adverse environmental impacts enables us to identify and subsequently influence, avoid or reduce them.

We instill a strong environmental awareness in our employees. The managers act as role models in this respect. We also motivate our employees to contribute their own ideas in environmental matters and to participate in their implementation.

We continuously improve our environmental performance with appropriate use of resources. Within the framework of annual management evaluations, the management reviews the appropriateness of the environmental policy, its compliance and the functionality of the environmental management system. We take account of changes in the environmental protection framework by adapting objectives and developing and implementing appropriate measures.

When developing new products or accessories, we make sure – when considering the entire life cycle – that we always meet environmental requirements in addition to safety and quality-related requirements. Our future solutions will also be characterised by durability and recyclability.

In the manufacture of our products, we use environmentally compatible materials wherever technically feasible. We use safe, state-of-the-art equipment and processes. We avoid or reduce waste and emissions to soil, air and water resulting from our production.

We use energy and raw materials sparingly. Waste is avoided as a matter of priority. The recycling of waste is the second alternative – we use secondary raw materials to close the cycle of recyclable materials. If it is not possible to return waste to this cycle, we dispose of it properly.

We also specifically promote the environmental awareness of our business partners. Environmentally relevant criteria are taken into account when selecting suppliers. We encourage external companies that work on our premises to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. We offer the users of our products – at the end of their life cycle – support in the proper disposal of the products.

We also inform interested members of the public about environmental policy activities.