Open Top Drum SDF 213

The SL open top drum 213 has been uncompromisingly designed to meet highest quality and safety demands. The dimensions meet the international standard DIN EN 15750. With variants in steel thickness, the number and form of the hoops as well as the decorative design, the SL open top drum is tailored to almost every performance requirement and offers many options for individual design. An optionally available safe and homogenous internal coating protects the environment against aggressive filling materials or meets the highest food regulatory requirements. The combination of a stable, galvanised locking ring and the well-established foam rubber gasket is keeping body and lid closely together, offering the safety which is necessary for protecting your valuable filling material and our environment in case the drums are roughly handled or falling over.

If required, SL open top drums are double-coded, thus suitable for liquids, pasty goods or solid substances. Handling of the drums is perfectly tailored to filling, transport, storage and withdrawal. Cylindrical, straight sided bodies suitable to be emptied by stamp pressure are also approved.

Reuse and recycling capabilities of our packagings are in line with SL’s modern environmental policy.



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SL Packaging develops, manufactures and sells high-quality packaging systems of sheet steel. Our UN-approved packagings are mainly used for dangerous goods, in addition to that they are however also suitable for many other filling materials.

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