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Safety at Work

Safety at work is of particular importance to SL Packaging insofar, as an occupational safety specialist ensures that safety risks are immediately remedied and that all members of staff are appropriately instructed and that their respective awareness has been raised. This requires a continuous improvement and development process. To secure machines and facilities, the main focus first of all is always set on technical solutions. Investments in this respect are of top priority. The most important rules regarding occupational safety apply equally to all persons on the premises. On entering the premises the safety-related information are handed over to every visitor.

SL Packaging owes its excellent occupational safety standard to the consistent commitment of the staff involved in occupational safety, prioritisation by management and compliance with the rules and mutual control amongst its employees.
Health and Occupational Safety Policy at SL Packaging
We are convinced that our activities can be carried out safely and are unwilling to compromise on this. We are conducting our business in such a manner, that health and well-being of our employees, the employees of external companies and all persons affected by our activities, are safeguarded. We know that it is of great importance for a successful company to continuously improve our health and occupational safety achievements. This Health and Occupational Safety Policy forms the basis for defining and reviewing targets.

To ensure a high standard of safety at work and to continuously improve our processes, SL Packaging has implemented a health and safety management system.

The following principles define our actions:
Staff members at all levels of SL are responsible for their own health and safety and serve as an example to others. The management is accountable for health and occupational safety. The managers show an exemplary management behaviour in this field.
We identify the hazards and risks related to our activities. We have introduced appropriate control measures which are always reviewed in the event of any changes, so that continual improvements are achieved.
We train our employees to enable them to contribute to long term improvements of health and occupational safety results.
We have introduced a procedure to report respectively record occupational accidents and near accidents, examine and analyse them, so that cases of recurrence can be excluded in future. Our root cause analysis generates findings and recommendations which are jointly used and implemented within the company.
We select external companies, which are working professionally and effectively. In terms of our demands related to the rules of safety and conduct on our premises, we do not make any difference between external companies and SL employees.
We have implemented and are maintaining a documented system to monitor our health and occupational safety. We commit ourselves to comply with the applicable regulations and other requirements for which we take responsibility. We regularly carry out audits of our risk control measures and management systems. We observe behaviour on all levels to guarantee creating a successful health and occupational safety culture at SL Packaging.

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SL Packaging develops, manufactures and sells high-quality packaging systems of sheet steel. Our UN-approved packagings are mainly used for dangerous goods, in addition to that they are however also suitable for many other filling materials.

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