SL Packaging develops, manufactures and sells high-quality packaging systems of sheet steel.
Our UN-approved packagings are mainly used for dangerous goods, in addition to that they are however also suitable for many other filling materials. With modern, cost-optimised manufacturing processes and production facilities we are developing individual packaging solutions according to our customers’ specifications and requirements, taking into account the increasingly restrictive legal provisions relating to hazardous goods. To SL Packaging issues such as reutilisation, complete recyclability and sustainability, however, are of high importance as well.
For many years we have been a reliable partner to the chemical as well as the mineral oil industry. Our service starts with selecting the appropriate packaging. We can tell you which packaging is suitable for which filling material. Moreover, we are happy to competently assist you regarding questions pertaining to legal frameworks, filling and handling.
From our production facilities in Herford we are not only serving the German market but are also supplying customers in other European countries. Customers from overseas as well appreciate our highly secure special packagings which are thus for the first time being filled in America and Asia.
A quick response to the requirements of our customers is important to us and distinguishes us from our competitors. To us “Just in time” is not a catchword but a philosophy which is reflected in our production processes with shortest lead times.
SL Packaging is looking back on more than 100 years of history in manufacturing steel packagings. Delivering best possible quality, we are putting our experience into practice, as customer-oriented behaviour is of top priority to us.
SL products are manufactured from high-quality materials with state-of-the-art production methods. We are processing our raw material in line with highest quality standards (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015). Moreover, our staff is extremely motivated and efficient.
We are applying the "Kaizen" system for continuous improvement of our processes and procedures, thus providing for more customer satisfaction as well as an optimisation of internal processes year after year.
Strong, round and world-famous
The 55 gallons steel drum became widely known when it was standardised by the American Petroleum Institute during the Second World War. This standardisation was adopted in many countries and prepared the ground for the 216.5 L drum to be spread worldwide – with nowadays reaching 140 million new drums every year. When being lined up, this corresponds to three times the length of the equator. Thus, also filling, storage and transport systems as well as reconditioning can be globally standardised.
In the course of time, steel drums have become increasingly lightweight and material-saving – with substantially improved quality and performance properties. At present a rolling hoop drum weighs just about 20 kg whereas at the beginning of the 20th century the weight was still 60 kg. The reasons for this are to be found in improved steels as well as in advanced production technologies in sheet metal and drum manufacturing. SL Packaging has decisively been following and supporting the steel drum development for more than 75 years.